Documentary Features Local Man

NurtureDaniel Humphrey states, his "short, biographical documentary film project is local to the Whiteside County area."  Titled "Nurture," this film is "about a Morrison, IL, resident named Jerrod Creason and his history with substance abuse.  It shows the environment he grew up in, in Manlius, IL, and  explores the shortcomings of his childhood.  It also portrays his experiences raising his children."

Creason, shown below, portrays himself.  Filming began in 2017, when Creason was 32.

"I wanted to paint a portrait of someone who has suffered from addiction in the rural Midwest," Humphrey continued, "and to show the relationship between a person's choices and where they grew up.  Jerrod's story is a message of hope for people afflicted with addiction.  It is not an individual's fault for the consequences of the environment they grew up in.  While they may need to seek help to do so, they have the ability to overcome whatever adversity they are facing."

"We are nearing the end of our film journey.  I hope to complete it by March 2020, but we need a little financial aid.  I have started a GoFundMe to raise money to complete this movie."  The funds raised will be used

  • to hire an editing consultant, sound designer, colorist, and composer
  • for film festival submissions
  • to develop film
  • for a few miscellaneous costs. 

"Supporting this documentary will support people everywhere who are afflicted with addiction.  'Nurture' will help humanize those suffering from addiction and reassure those people that there is a way out," he added.  "Visit our Facebook Page, Nurture Documentary Film, or our GoFundMe at gf.me/u/v3ct6i."

For more information, contact Daniel Humphrey at 815-441-9293 or danieljhumphrey96@gmail.com.



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