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Fur Trader Strolled Paint the Town

BobZuidemaDogsIt is a pleasant practice for folks and their canine companions to stroll the downtown Morrison, IL, streets following Paint the Town. On Sunday, September 20, 2015, Bob Zuidema, Morrison, brought "Takota," a Malamute, at left, and "Aspen," a rescued Husky-mix, to stroll among the painted squares. 

Zuidema was a walking piece of historic art.

  • He purchased the deerskin war shirt at a rendezvous from a blanket trader. 
  • Beaded shoulder decor and a chest piece were hand crafted by a woman he knows. 
  • Gary Green, Fulton, IL, lengthened Zuidema's brain-tanned deerskin pants, by sewing a wide leather strip around each ankle. 
  • Beads adorn the tiny knife sheath, too.

Various animal parts adorn his regalia.  Note the headdress; replica bear claw and trade bead necklace; coyote skin shoulder strap to his "possibles" bag; white ermine pelts.

Zuidema owns a 14' (diameter) tipi and has mastered the art of brain tanning hides into supple, waterproof, buttery leather.  He "made a little dress for [his] grandaughter."


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