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5 Star Landscape Design
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Add value, beauty, and function to your landscape.  5 Star Landscape Design offers services that are multi-season, comprehensive, attractive, and professional.  Javier and Maggie Carreno of Morrison, IL, are the owners of this growing business.  A team of workers guarantees your project is completed quickly, as requested, and with the site cleaned of debris.

Call 815-973-5302 for a free estimate.

Commercial and residential property landscaping services are comprehensive.

  • Fall and spring clean up tasks.
  • Applying mulch and fertilizer are available.  Carreno is licensed to apply two types of chemical fertilizers.
  • The team trims trees damaged by storms.
  • Hard surface design work:  patios, decorative walls, and paver installation.
  • Snow removal is a winter service.  Call to be placed on the 5 Star list.


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5 Star Landscape Design

Morrison IL 


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