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July 31 Sheriff's Office Accident Report

On 7/31/19 at 3:47 a.m., the Whiteside County Sheriff's Office responded to a two-vehicle accident on I-88 east bound at mile marker 13.  Unit 1 driver Danny R. King, 54, of Illinois, was traveling east bound, when the semi- tractor he was driving left the roadway to the right and sideswiped Unit 2 driver Drew F. Ostruh, 52, of North Dakota, who was parked on the shoulder.  Unit 1 continued on down into the ditch where it jackknifed and ultimately came to rest, once the cab of the semi rolled on its side.

The driver of Unit 1 was transported by Erie Ambulance to seek treatment for his non-life threatening injuries.  Unit 2 driver refused medical treatment and appeared to have no injuries.

Whiteside County Sheriff's Office was assisted on scene by Erie Ambulance, Erie Fire Department, and Illinois State Police.  Both of the vehicles were removed from the scene by Johnson's Towing.



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