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Grade School Penny Campaign Winners

pennies-1458Pictured are 1458 shiny pennies.  These tiniest United States currency units can add up to sizeable amounts and provide counting fun for youngsters. Their combined quantity can also make an impact to help others.

United Way of Whiteside County held their annual Penny Drive in all local schools during September 2014.  In each of the past 14 years, United Way of Whiteside County has raised over one million pennies ($10,000), to help fund programs of their 20 Partner Agencies.   This year was no exception.

Two Morrison, IL, elementary schools participated and received their commendations on Tuesday, December 9.



This year a second grade class at Northside Grade School, 520 N. Genesee Street, was the top class for turning in 13,653 pennies.  Pictured is United Way of Whiteside County Volunteer Craig Bowen, presenting a certificate to teacher Dana Bennett for her class's participation in the penny event.  The students received a popcorn party.


Amber Cox, fourth grade teacher at Southside Grade School, 100 Academic Drive, is pictured with Bowen as she accepts a certificate on behalf of her class.  These students earned the award for collecting 18,611 cents in their building.  They, too, received a popcorn party to celebrate their effort.


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